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Writing, Always

Come in, weary web wanderer...


I'm Tony, the Creative Content Editor around these parts.


I write comics, films, games, TV, and all my wife's essays.


I release a free 8-page comic script every few weeks for the new artists out there who need something to illustrate.


Right now, I'm a second year student at the University of Worcester working on a BA in Screenwriting and Creative & Professional Writing.


My greatest dream in life is to write a game so good that it doesn't need any words, thus rendering myself brilliantly defunct.

Handsome Fellow



TV Series, Thriller

An isolated UK surveillance analyst recklessly entangles herself in the life of a turbulent family she’s assigned to monitor.

The Colonist

Comic, Scifi

Womanhood is a crushing responsibility when humanity's last bastion walks a knife-edge.

Little Awo-no-o

Comic, Western

A little Comanche girl fixes on revenge: an act terrifying enough to keep bad men awake at night.

Sinking In

Short Film, Drama

As he works, a tattooist is deeply moved by the story of a woman's body art.

Pup Tent

Comic, YA

Living alone and living large in the woods, a girl and her dog prepare for winter - and being teenage.