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"Death of a Freshman" - Producer/Writer



Script Consultant, Editor, Screenwriter


Hi there, I'm Ally, the co-creator and site manager for Scriptflix.


As a screenwriter, I strive to create intresting, original scripts that are well-written, character driven and echo strong themes throughout. While I am currently mostly an editor, I am keen to write short films, television comedy or drama and Features.


Through an education in screenwriting, I discovered my passion for script editing, and take an active role in selecting the content for this site.


When I was bartending part-time to pay for college, a customer asked me where he could read the stuff I wrote and I didn't have an answer, which lead me to come up with the idea of Scriptflix.


With help from our wonderful editor, and my occasional writing partner Tony Jeffree; Scriptflix was born, with the intention of helping screenwriters like us find a home for our work online and led to us un-intentionally gaining skills in webdesign and site management.

Selected Portfolio

Like Any Other (Dramatic Monologue)


When we stare death in the face, we want it to be special...don't we?


Written by: Ally Haran Performed by: Shane Webster

Filmed by: Mario Ivanov


Inspired by the opening of Pulp Fiction, comes Rockville - a short stageplay about Jeffro, a cocky bad-boy determined to go straight, and his partner-in-crime Kitcat as they stop off for breakfast on their way to Rockville, Maryland where they have an important desicion to make.


You can read the full script here.


Ben is a Scottish man living in an English city. Sick and tired of not fitting in along with his crap job, Ben receives an unexpected calling via late night television. A comedic half-hour radioplay about following your dreams.


You can read the full script here.


All scripts © the named author.


A comedy-drama short film where two struggling twenty-somethings tackle their rent problem by coming up with a master plan.



You can read the full script here.

Inspired by the book of the same name, comes a quirky short film about a witty writer, the two fateful girls who moved into the flat upstairs, and how they would unknowingly become the keys to his success.



You can read the full script here.


A light-hearted comedy where a young man attempts to take on his demons and finally kick the bad guy known as Depression's ass.



You can read the full script here.