Legal Stuff

Terms and Conditions:


The works and content featured on (Scriptflix) have been made available with the kind permission of the creators they belong to. The intellectual property belongs to the creators themselves.


1) Scriptflix users are free to download, read and share the content as long as full credit is given to both the creators and Scriptflix. The materials we provide are not to be edited in any way.


2) Users are also permitted to perform any of the scripts in an educational capacity (e.g. drama workshops, student films, etc) under the same conditions specified in 1.


All rights are reserved. No commercial use of the content featured on this site is permitted without prior consent from the creators.


The rights to the scripts on this site are available to purchase. Please contact for further information/commissioning or purchasing of content rights.


Scriptflix is a privately owned distributor of creative content. It means to act as a portfolio anchor for the content creators involved with Scriptflix.


Scriptflix will not knowingly release any product which is an infringement of a third party copyright.


The creators claim Retention of Title on all commissioned work and title shall not pass onto a purchasing party until payment is received in full.


These terms and conditions, and any dispute arising under or in connection with them shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


Scriptflix reserves the right to change its Term and Conditions at any time without prior warning.


Scriptflix is owned and operated by Ally Haran. It is additionally administered and edited by Tony Jeffree.

The Publishing Agreement:


Creators retain all rights to their intellectual property.


We aim to give as fair deadlines as possible, but they will be adhered to rigidly. We’ll be providing feedback and hosting, so we expect professionalism.


As we want consistency on the site, we have the right to publish work submitted to us for six months from the date it goes live. After this time, content will be removed if requested. Content can be removed earlier at our discretion.


We will be adding the following message to the title pages of your script .pdfs “Distributed by Scriptflix. Usage info available at”.


We will assist in any way we can should interest in purchasing your script be shown.


We are not liable for the ways in which your scripts are used once they are published. If your rights are infringed by another party, we are not responsible (although we do have a legal disclaimer in place to prevent this, which you can see at and which we advise you to read).


If a script we worked with is sold, we will be compensated. Of your gross sale, 3% will go to Scriptflix for hosting, and 6% will go to Scriptflix for editorial feedback. If a script is not hosted on Scriptflix at the beginning of negotiations, you will only be liable for the editorial percentage.


When submitting your script to Scriptflix, your email must contain the phrase “I accept the agreement.” which constitutes accepting these conditions.